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Graphic art and not so artful graphics
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Welcome to Rickshaus!

Come on in

Idealistic but not stupid


What is Rickshaus?
Rickshaus is attempted truth by people who may or may not know.
Rickshaus is bare bones fact ... as we see it.
Rickshaus is art and ideas meant to make your life ... and our lives better.
Rickshaus is opinion.... and what isn't?
Rickshaus is always looking.
Rickshaus is trying to correct mistakes, ours and yours and theirs.
Rickshaus is searching for the difference between appearance and reality.
Rickshaus is aware that the appearance is only part of the reality.
Rickshaus is willing to listen, willing to read, not afraid to see what we don't like and happy to see what we like.
Rickshaus needs a laugh as much as you do.
Rickshaus is always in process.
Rickshaus is an experiment in the spirit of America.
Rickshaus is capitalist.
Rickshaus is full of contradictions and not denying it.

Rickshaus is always looking for what is.
Rickshaus is part of what could be.
Rickshaus is still Rickswerks.

Rickshaus is afraid but going on anyway.
Rickshaus is ...up to us ... and you.

We always try to start out right, sometimes we have to start over, but we don't fool ourselves about being in control of ourselves or anything else. What is all this talk about security, anyway?!Most of us are at least slightly idealistic, what ever that means. We try, but agreeing on what to try is always interesting. We've got a guy who thinks he knows what the Bible is REALLY about, another that thinks nobody deserves anything, a guy who thinks that life is an experiment and someone who thinks that it is SUPPOSED to be confusion. They even seem to get along with each other. Nobody here is a doctor, but we have our opinions on health. There is always someone who thinks they know the rules. There is some poetry kind of stuff, some thoughts on idle talk and some people who think they KNOW and actually wrote it down. Of course, there are always still questions and more questions. There is a picture of Manhattan with some words that will get some kind of reaction from you. We have a picture of some mountains in Albuquerque, New Mexico, (you do NOT need a visa) which you would not expect from a city in the desert and a flower on those mountains. There is a weird rainbow picture. We have stuff to encourage you, stuff that is kind of bleak, and stuff that the authors think is just plain true. Yes, we realize that everyone walking the earth thinks that their version is the truth. We've also got room for more, if you can handle letting us judge your work. Get to it.


Fair warning -
as good natured as we think we are,
nobody who gets on these pages cares what anybody else thinks,
even though they may claim otherwise.
We DO try to make it interesting, true and/or fun.

Enjoy ...