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Stream of Consciousness

Enjoy wondering...

All news is important!

GOSSIP is NOT news!

I saw two bumper stickers:
1) Remember who you wanted to be!
2) Those who abandon their dreams will discourage yours.

Are you, or anyone, always ... or ever ... aware of the difference between fact and opinion, including your own?

You have to wake up first ...

Fact or Opinion?
The spirit of Flight 93 is the only effective deterrent to terrorism that has ever existed!
The spirit of Flight 93 is the most recently public incarnation of the only effective deterrent to terrorism that has ever existed.

Did you ever want to just give up? WELL DON'T!!!

Why are there so many people who try to make up for their own insecurities by making the people around them unhappy?

This is not new, but it was new to me:
When God wants to bring someone down, He first makes them proud.
I have personal experience with this and claiming that you have learned your lesson is the first step to being proud again.

When two bullies fight, what is left over?
One bully with twice as many enemies.


Are you living ... existing ... drifting ... hiding ... doing ... done ... AND
most important ... is it something that YOU chose?

Americans have always asked questions. It is how we learn, invent, and decide for ourselves.
Anyone who says that asking questions is unpatriotic is not American!

The people with the most offenses are often the quickest to accuse and the most unforgiving and visciously vengeful in their judgements. They are often the most loudly and vocally in favor of "law and order", all the while expecting to be exempt from the laws and rules that they would execute others for.

How do you tell...

What good is blame,
if the problem remains unsolved?

Patronizing sympathy is an insult to the recipient and a lie from the sympathizer.

Sympathy should not be diluted by pride

Sympathy diluted by pride is offensive to the recipient and the bystanders.

It seems to me that the people who actually think about their thoughts are few and far between.

Unless Jesus himself is walking the earth at this moment, there is no one on this planet who actually knows what they are doing or the ultimate end results of their actions.

The person who repeats gossip as fact is no more than a willing pawn of the slanderer.

What is the difference between America in the beginning and America now?
The difference between the spirit of the law and the letter of the law!
The original Americans could be influenced by an idea over and above an ideology.
Ideology and choosing sides is all that is the rule now.
The worst part is that it took less than fifteen years to happen.

What is the most dangerous aspect of genetic technology?
The danger of the master race concept becoming socially acceptable.

The Pharisees were the “Moral Majority” of Jesus’ times.

Some people think they know everything.

Being in a position of power just means more work ...
if you have a conscience.

Whatever way it is,
it doesn’t HAVE to be that way.

How do we get past this tribal crap?

Do you believe ... or are you sure.

It is NOT possible to fight in the name of any religion, it is only possible to use religious pretense as a disguise for greed or malice.

Don't confuse guessing with knowing.
Don't confuse opinion with fact.
Don't confuse silence with agreement.
Don't confuse fear with respect.
Don't confuse meanness with toughness.
Don't confuse intimidation with strength.
Don't confuse loud with right.
Don't confuse success with infallibility.
Don't confuse yourself, any human or any organization with God.

I have heard it said that silence is a sign of guilt. Jesus was crucified partly because of his silence during pilate’s questioning, was his silence a sign of guilt?
Silence can be an expression of doubt about the accuser’s integrity and/or intelligence. Silence can also mean that the person has been hopelessly labeled and or framed and is not willing to join an argument that has a predefined ending.

Most of the people who would say that silence is a sign of guilt talk too much anyway.

Most of the people who would say that silence is a sign of guilt probably think that people who don’t answer them are in agreement.

The guilty are often louder and more visciously accusatory than honest people because they are trying to create diversions from their own transgressions.

Does adding more information to a pile of uninterpereted/misinterpereted information make for a better chance of correct interperetation?

How can putting yourself in prison be considered victory over an opponent who hates your freedom?

Victory is doing the RIGHT THING in the presence of and in the face of the enemy.

The best revenge is living well anyway.

There are many people who do not realize that there is a difference between fear and respect.

Some people are afraid of the truth.
Some people don't care what the truth is.
Some people can't tell what the truth is.
Some people think that the truth should only be used brutally.
Some people want to know the truth.
Some people try to find out the truth.
Some people actively pursue the truth.
Some people know the truth.
Some people actually adjust to and use the truth.
All these people disagree about the truth when they talk about it.
That's the truth ... in my opinion...

If you get used to people agreeing with you then there are really only two possibilities. Either you are usually right or you are surrounded by “yes men”. Guess which is more likely.

Some days the sky is really blue, some days it ain’t.

Build something, it’s fun.

Be there.

Better yet, be here, now.

Did you forget something?


Run so that you will be strong enough that you don’t have to.

Why is dominance such an issue with people? Why is it so difficult for people to work together? Why is ego such a trouble maker?

How can these things be handled or solved?

Know the difference between tough and mean.

Curiosity killed the cat, but we are not cats, we are people. Curiosity started every one of our cultures and civilizations. It is the cowards among us that condemn curiosity.

When people judge each other without the benefit of evidence, judge and jury, it usually has more to do with jockeying for social position than anything to do with justice.

How many different kinds of strength and weakness are there? Do they balance out?

Is oil macho worth the terrorist trouble?

Look around as if you have never been here before.

No matter how bad it looks, ya gotta try!

Study everything that you think matters,

listen to everyone that you want to,

but never forget what you think is right.

It's time...

Go for it, but don't scare it away.

Can you handle success?

Mythical vampires do not exist, zombies of the movie variety do not exist, but there are many walking dead, some say that they are sleeping awake ... either way, they hate the people who live life and they would rather kill life than awaken themselves.


Look up ... don't fear what you see ... respect what is!


Be aware is different from beware, beware is a warning, be aware is the first step to living.