If you know that you are confused, you are more than halfway out. It is people who deny their confusion who cause the most unsolveable problems.
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Bulletin From:
The Dept. of State of Confusion

To: Anyone with open eyes.

Confusion is the natural state of the world. No one knows what will happen next. The “accepted model” of the universe is always being redefined. The “status quo” is always in a state of flux. The “experts” are always ready with the next “best thing.” (pun intended.) These same “experts” are in a constant disagreement about what the best thing is. They rarely even agree on what is “really” happening right now.
Item: There is an argument at the moment about whether or not we are suffering from self induced global warming or a natural progression to a geological age of tropical climate ... or is it our introduction to the next ice age. Any of these hypothesis, theories, speculations can find an accredited scientist as an advocate ... or opponent.
What’s the point? The point is that there is no one who knows what is “really” going on. The point is that we are stuck with handling the unexpected whether we have an “expert”, a philosophy, a religion, an ideology, an education or some other explanatory framework to use as a life map. The point is that there are too many variables in the world to feed into some computerthat will predict the future. The point is that we have to deal with it whether we understand it or not. The point is that you still have to decide what you will do, whether you use your own judgment or that of someone else.
The world IS in a state of confusion, always has been, always will be. It is SUPPOSED to be, it is made that way, dealing with this confusion is part of our job of survival. It’s not so bad really, most of the time, it definitely keeps things interesting.
Notice: Every time some person or group attempts to put the world “in order,” the result is a disaster. Remember two guys by the last names of Hitler and Mussolini who made the trains run on time and who decided that they knew best who should live or die. Remember just a few years ago an entity called the USSR that thought that there should be state regulations for everything.
The State of Confusion has existed since the beginning of time. It even participated in the formation of time, universe and life. It changes form all the time. It is always there whether we recognize it or not. Deal with it.

R.M.R. Jr.