As humans, we can only attempt perfection.
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Rickshaus is
Works and projects by people salvaged from the dregs of humanity.

Some of us have made big mistakes, some are falsely accused of doing bad things and, due to the nature of gossip, none of us is going to pretend that we really know the truth about the rest of us. At least, not if I have anything to say about it. Everyone should be allowed at least one true fresh start.

We also have the honor of having among us the true dregs of humanity:
people who are way too sure of their own purity and goodness. I think we all take turns with that roll.

Anyway, arrogant or humble, clear vision or cloudy, or even those of us who may pass for that illusion called "normal," I only let people in here who can convince me that they are ready to do their best at whatever task they take on, including the task of living life.

I'm not that choosy about what we do as long as it is at least marginally constructive and hopefully profitable.

We are all doing our best and we all hope you like this stuff.