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We all know that this fits better in the "Thoughts" category, but there are so many political problems in the world that are based on people feeling trapped, that we decided to put it here anyway. Rick

You Are Free

You are free. You are always free. You always will be free. No one can take this from you. It is up to you how you use this freedom. You can choose the open road or the responsibilities of a family. You can take orders from a boss in exchange for money. You can accept a social assignation from society. You can ignore the expectations and requirements of community and family in exchange for the benefits and consequences of going your own way. You are free.
You are always free to choose your thoughts and actions. There are natural, physical limitations, but you are free to choose and act within the confines of the planet earth and the things that you understand. You can choose to avoid consequences if you do not like them, You can choose to accept consequences if you really want to try something, You are free.
Your mind is your's. Your thoughts are your's. No one can take this from you but, you can give this control away. Even giving your mind away is a choice that you make, an exercise of your freedom. Whatever your situation, whether it be prison, employment, vagabond, family member, whatever, it is always within your power to choose your thoughts. It is always your choice to agree, disagree, argue, go along, deceive, believe, create, copy, to think or not, You ARE free.
You can choose the way that you make decisions. You can decide to act "because you want to." You can decide to examine benefits and consequences for yourself and/or people you care about. You can choose things that make you happy. You can choose things that make you satisfied. You can choose to live up to your conscience and/or ideals. You can choose to pursue wealth. You can choose to copy others. You can choose based on pride. You can choose to let others choose for you. You can choose to cooperate. You can choose to resist. You can choose to be tolerant or intolerant. You can choose responsibility or irresponsibility. You CAN choose ... any way that YOU DECIDE to choose, This IS your freedom, you are free whether you admit it or deny it, do it or hide from it. You are as free as you can understand yourself to be.

by Rick