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Thought for the Year(s)

If the Jews, Christians and Moslems all followed the spirit of the teachings of their religions, there would be peace on earth and general contentment among the world’s population. There would be no need for government because the people would keep the peace amoungst themselves by the nature of the teachings of these religions. The only threats to people and the only causes of unhappiness would be the threats of nature such as sickness, storms, earthquakes etc.and even these would cause less suffering than they do in our present situation because of the nature of the teachings of these religions. These religions, at their cores, teach and urge people to help each other, to get along with each other, to make life better for ourselves and the people around us.


Why do people choose to kill each other?

Why do people choose pride over mutual benefit?

Why do people choose violent revenge over peaceful solutions?

Why do people let fear be their motivating force?