When you get right down to it, obeying the rules is always voluntary.
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Some Thoughts on the Problems with Making Rules

1) "Solutions" to unsolvable problems can only create more unsolvable problems.

2) The "common good" of one group is often detrimental to or at least in conflict with "the common good" of some other group, which makes "all purpose solutions" relatively impossible to achieve.

3) Specific instructions (rules, laws) written in specific form to have a specific effect on a general situation will actually hinder the solution to the problem they are intended to solve, because general problems requiring the "interpretation” of specific words which were, by necessity, written with vague meanings and the precedents set by specific interpretations of vague words which are applied to specific situations of general problems can often be used to subvert the original intention of the specific rule that was created to solve the general problem.

4) Attempts to legislate and enforce attitude or thought processes only create general dishonesty toward the enforcers of such legislation.

5) There is an inherent inferiority complex in the human race brought on by the use of the concepts of blame and punishment in place of the concepts of personal responsibility and solving problems, which is the main obstacle to both world and individual peace.

6) There is no solution to problems based on malice, other than the parties involved changing their motivation.

7) People only think that they understand what is going on. The truth is that we often confuse our theories, models and other specifications with the truth and when life fails to conform to our models, we claim that life is absurd. The truth is that the absurdity is ours for deciding that life should follow our models. There are too many variables in life on this planet for us to ever really know what will happen next and we are wasting our time when we try to predict what will happen next. Life would be boring if we could do this, anyway.


By Al Uvus