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"Look to the Source, even if you have to go a bit farther up"
By Rick Manning

You can buy the only authorized hardcopy version of "Look to the Source" by clicking here.
Read on for the free electronic version.

The author wants to do this, but the publisher is hesitant, marketing value aside. The copyright on this electronic book is very specific about it not being printed and not leaving the computer that it is downloaded to.

The book is called "Look to the Source" (even if you have to go a bit farther up) and it is Rick Manning's thoughts on the main points of the Bible. The author wants all people to be reminded in advance that the only way to even have a chance of knowing the Bible is to actually read it and he encourages all people to do that. "Look to the Source" goes over the Ten Commandments, the concepts of repentance and forgiveness and looks at the life of Jesus as Jesus' way of illustrating his instructions on how to live life according to the principles of the Bible. The author's intent is for "Look to the Source" to illuminate the main points of the Bible, to clarify the main message of the Bible, and to inspire people to question what they have been told strongly enough to actually read the Bible themselves. "Look to the Source" is meant to show that Jesus' message was intended to simplify a message that had been distorted and needlessly overcomplicated by self serving religious leaders. "Look to the Source" is the author's contribution to the never ending effort to keep the message of the Bible available and understandable to the people for whom it was, is and always will be intended: you, me and the people down the street from us.

This electronic book version is in Adobe Acrobat format and if you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can go to www.adobe.com and follow the signs to download it for free. Adobe Acrobat Reader is virtually essential in the virtual environment and we encourage you to get it if you do not have it already.

By clicking on the links below, you agree to all the terms of use which are in the pages of the less than edited online electronic version of "Look to the Source" download.


"Look to the Source" apprx. 1.3 MB


"Look to the Source" apprx. 1.3 MB

You can buy the only authorized hard copy version of "Look to the Source" from Unusual and Creative Enterprises by clicking here.