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The Never Ending
Life is, by Nature, an Experiment,
We are Better Off Realizing It,
Doing Our Best
with What We Have and Know,
And Aiming for What We Know is

The Never Ending

Life is an experiment. This is the truth from day one to the last day. We make observations and judgments, we tell each other wnat we think we see, we find things that seem repeatable and, if they are useful, then we use them again.
The truth is that everything from culture to government and from business to science and from ocean to sky and everything in between is in a constant state of change. Whether it is "new discoveries," new inventions, mutation, interpretation, reinterpretation, innovation, restructuring, or any number of excuses for change, things are always being re-evaluated and reworked. Our choices are basically to resist, hide, go along or take advantage. These choices are part of the experiment.
Life is a relatively forgiving experiment, though. There are many workable strategies and other ways of looking at things. There always turn out to be many ways of achieving objectives.
People, though, like things to seem easy, they like to be able to say that things are "under control",whatever that means. The reasons for this can range from insecurity to ego trip, from dependence to desiring independence. These reasons all stem from fear of the unknown.
The people who appear to this observer to be the most satisfied with life are the ones who have the best idea of their place in the scheme of things. They can see what is bigger than them and it doesn't bother them that they may not be the biggest. They can also see that they are not the smallest. They push some buttons to see if their ideas are right and they can handle it if it turns out that things are different than they originally thought. They experiment within whatever means they have at their disposal and accept the results of their experiments while also retesting. They have the self confidence to test the information that they are given by others. They also seem to have more fun than the control freaks and worry warts.
These people all appear to have a willingness to find the truth, whatever that may be. They experiment just to find out. They are more interested in the truth than in status, wealth and other forms of success which, ironically, can be by products of leaming and practicing the truth.
Truth is the goal of any experiment and the experiment of life is no different. Life IS easier with the truth. You make less mistakes and things go right more often when you have your eyes open to the truth. See for yourself, don't take these words for it, start or restart your own experiment.
How do you recognize the truth? It works the second, third and tenth time. It starts discussions. It makes you say, "How could I miss that?" It brings up more questions to experiment with...