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Ask Yourself

What’s stopping me?
Is it other people? Is it my own lack of confidence? Is it that I really don’t like where it is going? Is it that what I want is unrealistic?

What CAN I do?
What is the first step? What are the other steps? Am I really doing all that I can?

Am I being selfish?
Will anyone else benefit from this? Am I easily used by others because of the blindness of my ambitions? Will the world be a better place if this is accomplished?

What do I believe?
Am I just saying it? Is it just a cover? Do I, can I live up to what I’m saying? Do I forgive my own mistakes while condemning the mistakes of others? Do I tell myself enough of the truth to even be able to come close to speaking the truth to others?

What do I see?
Do I see what is there? Do I let my fears, suspicions and other theories influence what I tell myself and others that I see? Do I let the expectations of others cloud, filter or block what is right there in front of my eyes? Do I let the words of others see for me?

Am I trying to convince myself of something as I try to answer these questions?

Can I look in the mirror and see that face as I see my neighbor’s,
as my neighbor would see it?
Do I have the courage to look at that face the same way that I look at a strangers?

Arem R. Jayar