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I could be wrong, but...

Nobody Deserves Anything

Nobody deserves anything. Nobody doesn’t deserve anything.

There are hard working people who succeed and some who never get a break. There are smart people who make it and some who don’t. There are sleazy amoral people who end up in jail and some who get rich and powerful
There are loyal, caring people who have long happy marriages and some who end up divorced. There are philandering liars who die married and some who end up on the street. There are people who do what they think is right and get bad mouthed by the people that they gave assistance to. There are people who help and get the credit that they deserve.
There are good people who die in the sneak attack of terrorist cowards. There are terrorists who die when they make a mistake mixing their explosives. There are people on death row who are innocent. There are murderers who have been executed.
There are people who abuse the power that life gives them and great leaders who agonize over making the right decision. There are people who lie in the name of God and others who spread truth. There are extremes and everything in between.
Does it all even out? Who is really qualified to make such a judgment? Life is there. Life is malleable. Life is action/reaction. Life is what happens between birth and death. Life is up to you, me and them. Life is going on right now.

Al Ive