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Don't let a bunch of cave dwelling, incompetent terrorists scare you into giving up what makes this country what it is!

"Heaven and Hell can Look the Same..."

Artists Mom's special request. This is based on something he did in the mid 1980s. It is amazingly relevant now. At the time it was meant to convey the paradoxes of modern Manhatten, which the World Trade Centers were a good symbol of, even at that time. Now it could be seen as a message to all sides. Heaven and Hell can look the same anytime you ignore your ideals and settle for revenge. Heaven and Hell can look the same any time that you let fear and/or hatred be your motivation. Heaven and Hell can look the same through any kind of haze that you let cloud your vision.

This message applies to:
terrorists, ANY judgemental "everyone goes to hell except me and my friends" religious fundamentalists, governments and any other power mongering gang members.

(Artist's Mom has NOT been told about this caption.) Rick

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