Fear is your enemy, fright can save your life.
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Worry and Fear

Worry and fear are unhealthy relatives of fright.
Fright is a healthy and necessary instinctive survival response.
It is the mind recognizing a dangerous situation
and the body responding with chemicals that increase strength and pain tolerance.
Fear is anticipation of danger.
It can be useful,
but the chemicals that are released in response to danger are toxic over prolonged periods.
Unnecessary, uncontrolled fear is destructive to both body and mind.
Worry is fear without a tangible cause.
Worry can be a permanent state of low grade fear
and will inhibit emotional, mental and physical growth.
Worry is a permanent brake on progress.
Worry will prevent the person worrying from ever achieving their potential.
People who live a life of worry are often ill.
People who live a life of worry do not trust themselves.
Both fear and worry are caused by lack of confidence.
The solution is the root.
Trust your fright response,
it is there to save you,
so that you can live without fear.
Your fright response is there to to make you able to do what you must to survive.
This may be running, fighting or fast talking.
Your fright response can be amazingly creative, if it is not inhibited by fear.
It is there so that you will not have to waste time with unnecessary worry.
If you have reason to fear or worry, but cannot affect the situation, then worrying is useless.
Accept that what ever it is could happen, but as long as it does not, carry on ...
God thinks of everything.

by R.M.R.Jr. ©1994