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Just Imagine...

You Live Up to your Ideals

Just imagine that one day you say to yourself, “I’ll be criticized, attacked and hurt no matter what I do, so I’m just going to do what I know is right, at least I’ll have peace of mind.”

Just imagine that your ideals are actually possible rather than unrealistic wishes.

Just imagine that you CAN make a difference.

Just imagine that there ARE people who have adopted you as an example and that you have a responsibility to be a good example.

Just imagine yourself DOING what you believe in.

Just imagine that it might work.

Just imagine that you can survive no matter what people might say.

Just imagine that doing this will actually make you stronger.

Just imagine that every time you live up to your ideals, you will learn something new that will make your ideals more and more possible.

Just imagine that obstacles can be dealt with, over, under, through or around.

Just imagine that repeated exercise makes you stronger.

Just imagine that practice makes better, if not perfect.

Just imagine yourself feeding the soul of yourself and others.

Just imagine that when you make this real, you will be able to imagine new and better things.

Now that you can imagine making your ideals real, give it a try.

Al Noeng

Here by permission of copyright holder