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Just Imagine ...
You Lose Your Fear


Just imagine you no longer fear death.

You don’t care if you live or die. There is no need to tempt death. Since you have no fear of death, there is no need to seek it, no need to avoid it, no need to wonder about it, it is just another part of life.


Just imagine you no longer fear pain.

Pain becomes just another of life’s sensations, just another thing to deal with, like being happy or sad, like a red light or a green light, a sign that something must be done, like cutting the grass or buying groceries, taking medicine or fixing the car.


Just imagine you no longer fear misfortune.

Misfortune loses its meaning. You realize that there is always a means of survival, money or no money, hot or cold, easy or difficult, you can handle it.


Just imagine you no longer fear rejection.

Your love drops its need for possession or acceptance. You suddenly understand that other people’s thoughts, attitudes and actions often have little to do with the immediate situation and more to do with their own deeply rooted fears and misunderstandings. Your love becomes stronger than your own fears and insecurities, you reach the point where you can care for people who hate you because you are not afraid of their hate. Your love becomes stronger than your own emotional pain. You can care about those who want to hurt you because you understand that it is their own fear that motivates them to hurt others and that it was your own pride that enabled them to hurt you by making you vulnerable to insults, innuendo, gossip and rejection. Your concern for their well being over rides your fear of rejection.


Just imagine you no longer fear the judgment of humans.

You are freed of the need for the approval of other people. Your own self respect becomes more important to you than being right in the eyes of others. You are free to do the things that you think are right without anxiety, fear or any other limiting feeling.


Just imagine you no longer fear failure.

You no longer use the evaluations of success or failure. You see things as working or not. You see each situation as a learning experience. When something works, you can use it again. When something works differently, you can use it differently than you had first planned. When something does not work, you find out why it did not work and how you might be able to use it in a different situation.


Just imagine that you realize that fear is a human trait developed after the dawn of civilization.

You realize that fear is an extrapolation, a distortion, even a perversion of fright. Fright was and is a necessary self preservation instinct that exists in all animal life forms. It contributes to the survival of the species. It is a recognition of danger and it activates survival mechanisms in the body and mind that make the animal stronger and smarter, better able to escape the danger.
Fear is present where there is no danger. Fear is self destructive, unnecessarily limiting, and a weakness that leaves you open to the manipulation and abuse of others. Fear has been used and encouraged by unscrupulous social leaders and in politics and religion as a means of control. Fear is learned and the responsibility of the individual to overcome.
Fright is temporary and beneficial. Fear is long term and a hindrance. Fright saves lives. Fear stagnates minds, delays growth and destroys lives. Fright is instant self discipline. Fear is an illusion and no substitute for the practice and development of everyday self discipline. Fright leaves you braver and stronger. Fear makes you cowardly and weaker.
Just imagine that you overcome your fears, that you have confidence in the fright that is built into you, that you use this confidence to test your beliefs.
Just imagine...it is the first step, only a step, but a step just the same....

by Alu Vus
from "Thinkin to Do"

Printed with permission of copyright holder