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You Get What
You Think You

There it is, what you have always wished for, millions of dollars (lottery, inheritance, whatever ... ) the mate(s) of your dreams, you are made president, king, dictator, general or whatever, or any of many things that would make this list very (too) long. Remember that this is reality, that there are things that can happen that you didn't think of. Here are some questions that you would have to answer.

Would you know what to do once you got it?

Many lottery winners end up in bankruptcy because they never figured out how to manage their money. Many "dream romances" become nightmares because of unrealistic expectations. Presidents, kings and dictators are often the targets of loud criticism/condemnation, jealous and treacherous rivals and ... assassins.

Do you know what you are really asking for?

Most of the things mentioned above include responsibilities that many people never think of when they are wishing.

How would the people closest to you react?

These kinds of "good fortune" often teach you who your friends REALLY are.

How would YOU react?

These things can show you just how selfish, generous, strong, weak, cowardly or brave and many other things YOU really are.

Would you be able to believe or even recognize that these
prizes are available to you?

Fear of success has prevented many eligible people from being both lucky and successful. Would you be able to stay in touch with reality, keep your feet on the ground, see through the smoke, walk the straight and narrow, etc.?

Would your mind be overwhelmed?

Would you be able to see what is right? Would you care what is right? Would you still care about the same people and things? Would you blow it or live up to the occasion?
These are all things to think about when you are wishing. It is often a good idea to remember some of the old sayings such as: be careful what you wish(pray) for, you might get it. Because, you CAN get it.