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Everybody wants a refuge at one time or another. The reasons may vary, but the desire for refuge, to find a place to hide, to rest, to recover is something that everyone experiences at some time in their lives. Most of us never find it, we just endure and hope, wait, wish and maybe even work for change.
Many times, we are, by necessity, our own refuge. We take a break and temporarily ignore whatever problem is the bother. This does not solve the problem, but at the very least, it gives us the chance to take a fresh look at it when we decide to finish the break and get back to dealing with the situation.
This is only a patch, though. There is still the desire for an actual refuge, a place to go, a pressureless, stressless environment. The existence of such a place is usually thwarted by everyday conflicts that people let happen between them.
The bottom line is that we owe each other refuge. The best refuge, the one that many of us wish we could have, is given, a gift. There are people there who give each other company, unconditional company, non judgmental company, stressless company. We are each other’s refuge, but only voluntarily, by choice.
You can be a source of refuge for others. There is no guarantee that you will receive it in return, but being a source of refuge is your best chance of getting there. Your example could be the inspiration for the creation of your refuge. Either way, your life is improved by the experience and/or finding a refuge.
It may not, probably will not be easy. People will doubt you, even while they accept the refuge that you create. You will be looking for, working for, the one out of many who accepts the gift by making more, by becoming a part of, a participant in the refuge. It can be done, it has been done. Making it last is the challenge.

Al Uvus

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