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The Crime of Big Brother

By Al Noeng

Big Brother is the desire of any government, organization, man, woman or child to control the thoughts and actions of "the rest of them" sometimes presented as "for their own good." History is full of examples of elements of Big Brother, but it has never been fully achieved. There are even examples of people having been tried and convicted because of their attempts to implement Big Brother kinds of controls.
There are those who would argue that Big Brother is unattainable because it has never been possible to monitor human thought processes. It is now possible, because of peoples' misplaced faith in technology, to CONVINCE people that their thoughts can be read. Anyone weak minded enough to believe this can be easily manipulated by those perpetuating a hoax of technological mind monitoring.
Some people would ask why this should be considered a crime. Some of these same people would claim to believe in and worship God. The crime is the state taking the place of God.
Big Brother tactics are a lie, especially when done "in the name of God." God's history is that obedience, dedication and worship are always voluntary, a decision made by a person to adopt and keep the rules that God made known in different ways. Big Brother would enforce its own thought rules, enforce meaning involuntary compliance. Big Brother's crime is the AMBITION of enforcing false cooperation under a false representation of God. Big Brother's intention is to replace God in the lives of its subjugates. The root crime of Big Brother is the intent to usurp God in the minds of people. May the action itself remain impossible for ever....



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