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To Just See.

Can you see without making a judgement?

Is that a man sleeping on the ground


could it only be a worthless bum?

Can you get past your fears?

Is that a foreign born family


are they a threat to your life and livelihood?

Can you get past what you want?

Is that a yellowish, shiny metal


is it a source of wealth and power?

Can you get past what you've been told?

Is it true that life is predestined, that things are going to happen one way and that's it,


is it true that you are the master of your own destiny and your entire life is up to you,


is it true that there is no way you can answer either one of those for sure and that your only option is to do the best you can at all times?


Are you wasting your time wondering about this stuff when there is work to be done?

Can you see past the background, past the busyness, past the static?

Can you get past the gossip


do you let it distract you from looking at your own life,


are you wondering how a bunch of little pictures cut out from a photo of someone's overgrown lawn can make it hard to see white words,


are you already cutting up the idiots who spent valuable time on some computer creating this,


are you ready to look around,


and make things as right as circumstances and your own knowledge will let you?